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    I think that these are songs with lyrics that somehow go well with rachel's challenge.

    I think all the lyrics are good:

    Do you ever go to lunch with no one by your sideCause the moment you arrive they leave the tableCalling me everything but my nameNeed I remind you again just call me RachelHow would you feel if you running home cryingLock yourself in your room, don't want anyone to see yaWhile everyone's having fun outside, and you're telling yourself I won't let it get to me no moreI don't wanna feel this wayI can't believe I let it go so farNo no, it's not okayWhat do you know about me?Do you wanna know what I think?Mean girls, mean girlsI'm a just comb you outta my curlsMean girls, mean girlsYou no longer run my worldMean girls, mean girl…

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